Newsletter Issue 1 – 2015

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We do not yet have the full economic dataset for 2014, but it is clear that on most fronts it was the most positive year for the Irish economy since 2007. In the first 9 months of the year gross domestic product (GDP) expanded by 4.9% and for the full year growth is likely to [...]

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Newsletter December 2014

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Reducing costs has become away of life for Irish businesses over the past 5 years and while all indicators hint of a recovery in 2015, do not forget the efficient steps that ensured your business survival in recent times.

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Newsletter August 2014

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Tax briefs Get more from your overseas money Business briefs Resignation of directors Legal briefs Succession planning in family business

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Newsletter July 2014

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Who Can become a Director? Tax - Legal - Business Briefs Foreign Exchange - Risk Management iXBRL Filing Declined Bank Credit  

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Newsletter March 2014

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December marked the important milestone of Ireland's exit from its three-year EU/IMF support programme. As the country bade slan agus beannacht to the Troika quarterly reviews, the yields on Ireland's 10-year sovereign bonds have generally been priced at 3.5% or less in post-bailout trading. Indeed, perhaps the most significant achievement under the programme was the re-establishment of sovereign [...]

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Tax Booklet 2014

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A Guide to Your Tax Affairs for 2014 is now on the web site. Tax booklet 2014

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Rich List Infographic

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We support business owners so that they can concentrate on growing their business - here is an infographic featuring some of the world's top business owners and entrepreneurs who have done just that. Enjoy! 

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