In this months newsletter:

  • We give an update on the current health of the Irish economy (things are at their strongest in a decade).
  • As well as that we have a summary of the pay and file tax returns for 2018.
  • While we are entering new worlds of Bitcoin and other new currencies, the old adage “Cash is King” is still very much in vogue. We give some useful tips when it comes to ensuring that all important metric cashflow is improving.
  • From exemptions for new startups to Brexit advisory clinic to the continued growth of .IE domains our business briefs will help answer some key questions as well.
  • It’s also more important than ever in 2018 to get seen and content marketing plays an essential role in this. The fact 89% of B2B’s will use content marketing to grow leads cement this business in the minds of the consumer shows how important it is to adopt this into your efforts.
  • Our legal brief goes through Bullying in the Workplace and the recent changes following the Ruffley Case.
  • Finally, we will discuss one of the biggest issues for many businesses at the moment, adapting to the new GDPR rules.

All of this an more is covered in this months newsletter, please click on the link below.