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Entrepreneur Relief in Ireland: A Guide To Tax Breaks for Businesses
18 May 2023
As an entrepreneur, there’s nothing you’d like more than the opportunity to save a few expenses. One of the tax reliefs you can leverage to save some money is the Capital Gains Tax entrepreneur relief. The relief was introduced in 2013 under the Finance (No 2) Act 2013 and revised in 2015. It aims to […]
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Maximise Your Savings: A Guide to e-Worker Tax Relief in Ireland
12 May 2023
According to Statista, Ireland has one of the highest work-from-home rates in Europe alongside Luxembourg and Finland. Some of the industries where hybrid working is common include ICT, finance, and administrative services. The Irish government plans to increase this further. However, this comes with additional expenses such as increased electricity costs to the employee. With […]
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